Thursday, September 22, 2016

Matching etiquette

I talk to a lot of new people coming into surrogacy.   Either to help them navigate the surrogacy route or through matching myself.   Surrogacy is awkward.   Get use to it.   There are many uneasy conversations that happen during a journey.   Especially if you are independent.   There is no agency as a middle man.  

When you are matching, as either a surrogate or IP, you will talk to lots of people.    This is like dating.   Generally you don't marry the first person that comes along.   You have to find the right match.   Same with surrogacy.   So, when you talk to someone, it's very exciting.   Even after so many years, I still get excited when matching.    But, if it is not a match, let the other party know.   It doesn't matter if it's for age, comp, location, or things just seem off.    Let them know it's not a good match.   Nothing worse than waiting around for a email or text from someone that said they liked you, only to disappear.   

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Birth of Miss E

I guess I should get this down before I loose thoughts.  The joys of getting old.  LOL

So, Sunday Nov 22, Gregg finally got home from MX.  He probably got home about 530pm.  I wasn't feeling great.  By 830, I was starting to have some contractions.  Nothing major, nothing consistent.   I texted my IM, and support people.  Just giving them a heads up.  Went to bed early.  Figured if it was going to happen, I needed to get some rest.  Had a terrible night.  Was up most of the night.  Couldn't sleep, my tummy was really upset, just felt like crud.

I had a Drs appt the morning of Nov 23.  I met my IM at the Drs office.  I was very grumpy.  I just felt yucky.  OB checked me and told me I was the same.  GAH!!!  WHAT??  Same?  I was hoping for some spectacular #.  We are now 39 wks, and 2 days.  She can come anytime.   My OB told me to hold on, and was still checking me.  He says, "Ok, now your a 3."  He was able to stretch it pretty easily.  He asked if we wanted to be induced that day.  Neither one of us needed to think twice about it.  We were ready to go!
Dr P told us to head straight to the hospital though.  No going to get lunch, nothing.  The hospital was packed and they were going to squeeze us in.   Everyone was trying to have their babies before Thanksgiving.

We got to Labor and Delivery and had to wait for a few.  They were busy checking other people in.  I was pretty nervous.  I have never been induced before so this was a bit scary to think about.  By this time it was probably about 10am.  I had texted my support people and told them what was happening.  They both said they would be there as soon as they could.  Dr P wouldn't be in until noon to break my water.  So, we still had some time.   We finally got our room and was hooked up to the monitors.   I was already having contractions.  Nothing of note, but they continued to increase as time went on.  When Dr P showed up to break my water, he was glad I was already progressing on my own.  It makes the induction so much easier when your body is ready.
He broke my water and it was clear.  Which is very good.  Hadn't changed on my dialation, which was a bummer.   So, we continued in this pattern for a bit.   Contractions were very strong after a bit.  I was starting to have a hard time staying on top of them.  My breathing was getting harder to keep focus on.  I had Jenn and Sarah there to help me.  My poor IM didn't know what to do with me.
The baby's heart beat kept dropping when I had a contraction.  The nurse kept moving me from side to side, and then from sitting to laying down.  She was trying to keep E's heart beat from dropping.  But, with all the movements , nothing was working.   I was checked and found to only be a 5.  With as hard as these contractions were getting, I thought I would be farther along.   I was offered some kind of drug, I don't think it was stadol, or maybe it was.  I don't remember.  LOL  Just to take the edge off.  I was all for it at that time.  It was wonderful!!  LOL  It was short lasting.  But, I was able to get a breather for about 45 min.  After those 45 min, it had worn off.   I was right back into the hard contractions again.
Now, I don't know if this makes it easier or harder.  When you get a break from the contractions and then when they come back, its not a gradual thing, its right back to the hard stuff.  But, I had a bit of a melt down.  I had a nice cry session.  When I came out of it, I felt like it was about time to start pushing.  I think Sarah went to get the nurse.  The nurse came in and said she needed to check me.  She put her hand way up there, and didn't take it back out.  She started calling people on her blue tooth.   I was still dealing with contractions and her hand up inside me.  I then heard her tell the other nurses that we had a prolapsed cord.  I have never had one before.

The nurse told me that we were going for a csec.  I had told Jen earlier that if I had to have one, I wanted to be knocked out.   Well, we had no option for that now.  Within minutes the room was full of people.  They started wheeling me out of the room.  The nurse is still between my legs.  She has her hand up inside trying to push E's head back up and off of her cord.  I remember yelling at Jen to take care of my IM.  When things went south, I had no idea of where she was, or how she was doing.   I could only imagine that she was freaked out.  I know I would of been.

We went as fast as possible down the hall to the OR.  I thought we had a ton of people in my room, there were even more in the OR.   Everyone was running around trying to get stuff ready.   They got me onto the OR table and began cleaning me.  I was in another world trying to deal with these contractions.   I reached down to grab my stomach during a contraction, and they were yelling at me not to because they were trying to clean me.  Oops sorry!  I was talking to the nurse that still had her hand inside of me.  She was so great!!!  She was trying to help me through the contractions as much as possible.  She told me I was a 8 when we left the labor room.  LOL  If only we could of held out a few more minutes , we wouldn't of had this problem.
So, I had signed papers months ago to have my tubes tied.   I brought this up while I was being prepped for the csec.  Figure I am already open, might as well handle it, right?  Nope.  The nursing staff said they didn't have my consent on file so, it was a no go.  Since we were dealing with a emergency, they couldn't take the time to have it faxed over.   My OB was even pissed about that.
Finally the anesthesiologist came over and told me that he was going to put me under.   I was pretty scared by this point.  I told him just to not let me die.  LOL  Yes, dramatic.  :)  They kept putting the face mask on my face but I couldn't breathe when it suctioned down over my mouth.   Finally I was out.

I woke up later on.  I really have no idea of what time it was.  I remember coughing a lot.  My throat was really scratchy.   I could hear them talking to my husband.  I kept trying to open my eyes, but I could not open them for anything.  They kept giving me more pain meds.  I have no idea of what I was on, but I was pretty gone.  Finally after sometime, they wheeled me into my room.   I had a 2 person room.  I was not looking forward to sharing my room with anyone.  But, I ended up having the best roommate.  My IM and E.   The first night, I was pretty much out of it.   I couldn't get out of bed.  I felt like I had been ran over by a truck.
But, eventually I was up and moving , very slowly and not far, but moving.   I was able to see Miss E, and boy what a pretty baby she is.   Gregg even commented on how pretty she was, and he is not baby person.  LOL

So, here we are a little over 3 months later.   My IPs have such a great little family going.  They are so in love with their little girl.  And, her big brother thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread.  :)  
I started out thinking I would do surrogacy one time.  One and done.  But, here I am 15 years later.  I have been a GS, and TS, and a ED.   I am very happy with each couple I have carried for.  I have a great relationship with everyone.  Communication is still open all around.

Much love to all!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Counting days.......

We are 39 weeks today.   We are all waiting on this little girl to make her appearance.    I feel huge.  I had 2 different people tonight comment on how I was ready to pop.  Gee thanks.

I had a bunch of things going on this last week, plus my husband has been out of town.   Well, everything is done and Gregg is due back home tomorrow.    So, it's time!    Come out!!  Lol

Hopefully my next post is a pic of a cute little girl.  ;)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Almost time!!

We are getting close to the finish line.  I will be 36 weeks tomorrow.  I am so ready for this little one to come out.   This pregnacy has been VERY long.  LOL

I thought last night might have been it.   We had a grass fire at my house and it came very close to my house.   VERY close.  It brought out 3 different fire houses.   We live in the country and the guy behind us had been burning tree branches from his orchard.  Well it was very windy and some of the embers caught and came our way.   It was so scary.   And, stressful.  I thought for sure it would put me in labor.  LOL  Nope.  She is nice and comfy in there.

My IM will be here in just a couple of weeks.  Lets get this show on the road.  ;)

Monday, September 14, 2015

29 weeks 2 days

So, today we are 29 weeks and 2 days.   I always do a little happy dance once I get past the 27 wk, 4 day mark.     That was the day I delivered Percy.    And, it started to go to hell a couple weeks prior to that.  

Things are about usual here.  Although having a lot of gallbladder pain.   I started having some the last month of pregnancy with Logan but this started way early.   It is such a pain.  
I have a OB appt tomorrow.  
And, then a ortho appt next week.  I am so hoping my cast comes off then.   Fingers crossed!!
I finally got my disability papers back from the ortho.  Took them 2 weeks.   So frustrating.    It will still be a few weeks until my std kicks in.  

My bday was last week.   My husband and some friends took me out to dinner.   It was a nice evening.   We are finally done with bday stuff.   Lol. Alex and I share our bdays, just 4 days apart.   So, we have a week of things to do.  :)

Hope everyone is well.  

Fingers crossed for a very close friend who is trying to get preg after a hard MC.   :(

Saturday, August 29, 2015

27 weeks!! 3rd trimester

We are still chugging along.   27 weeks exactly today.   I am huge!!  Lol.  I had a friend that just went full term with twins.   She was so tiny.   I am bigger than her and a couple months behind.    Lol.

We finally found out the gender.  It's a girl!!!!   Yay!!!   I called it , with as sick as I was, I knew it had to be a girl.  

Life has other plans for me and it's own way of making things go the way it wants.    I was taking the dogs out last week, stepped down wrong and broke my ankle.   6 am
In the morning.  Gah!!!   So, I am in a hard cast now.    Not doing a whole lot.    I just started venturing out for small trips by myself.    But, trying to work crutches with a big belly is not fun.    My poor husband has had to really take on a lot more at home.   I guess I needed to start taking it easy with this pregnancy.    I had big plans to go grocery shopping by myself.   Haha.   I went and mailed a package and was beat.  Lol. Had to go home and take a nap.  

Hope everyone is doing good!!
Love to all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Half Way through!!!

Today we are 20 weeks and 4 days.   Over the half way mark.  Very exciting!!
Still don't know the gender of this little one yet.  I think my IM is going to have a coranary if she doesn't find out soon.  LOL 
I have a US tomorrow, so we are hoping for a little cooperation.  ;)

Hope everyone is doing well.