Monday, September 14, 2015

29 weeks 2 days

So, today we are 29 weeks and 2 days.   I always do a little happy dance once I get past the 27 wk, 4 day mark.     That was the day I delivered Percy.    And, it started to go to hell a couple weeks prior to that.  

Things are about usual here.  Although having a lot of gallbladder pain.   I started having some the last month of pregnancy with Logan but this started way early.   It is such a pain.  
I have a OB appt tomorrow.  
And, then a ortho appt next week.  I am so hoping my cast comes off then.   Fingers crossed!!
I finally got my disability papers back from the ortho.  Took them 2 weeks.   So frustrating.    It will still be a few weeks until my std kicks in.  

My bday was last week.   My husband and some friends took me out to dinner.   It was a nice evening.   We are finally done with bday stuff.   Lol. Alex and I share our bdays, just 4 days apart.   So, we have a week of things to do.  :)

Hope everyone is well.  

Fingers crossed for a very close friend who is trying to get preg after a hard MC.   :(