Friday, April 3, 2015

Chugging along.....

So, here is where we are.


So, it's now doubling at about 41 hrs.    I have one more beta this Monday.    Then our first US on the 16 th.     I am super excited and still in shock.    I love it when a plan comes together.   ;)

I already have a stop date for meds which I am totally excited about.  Gregg did my shots for my 1st surrogacy.   We never had a stop date.    The RE was horrible and kept stretching it out and then calling my IM and telling her I was going to MC.    We finally pulled the plug on communication with her.   My OB had control and we ended up stopping meds.   I did all the injections for the egg donations and TS triggers.    Easy shots.   Stomache and 1 hip here and there.    So, we started out this surrogacy with him doing them.    We had some issues.  Horrible bruising and knots.    I started trying to do them myself.    And, whew!   It has been so much easier.   It's not a big to do to schedule it.   I would have to wait until he got home and ate dinner.    Now, I can just handle it when it's time!  Yay!

So, we are doing well.   My poor IM is really having her patience tested with the waiting.   Lol. Our US was suppose to be on the 10th, the imaging place didn't have a appt until the 13th.    Then my OB called and wants me in on the 16th.   Lol.  So, we have settled on the 16th.   That's 6 days after she expected the first one.   Lol.  Usually my OB won't see anyone this early but since the RE isn't doing the US to check, he wants to make sure everything is ok.  

Hope everyone is doing good.   Please send some love to Alex tonight.    Her pet rabbit died today and she is pretty tore up about it.    We have had him for over 4 yrs, which is pretty good for a rabbit.