Saturday, August 29, 2015

27 weeks!! 3rd trimester

We are still chugging along.   27 weeks exactly today.   I am huge!!  Lol.  I had a friend that just went full term with twins.   She was so tiny.   I am bigger than her and a couple months behind.    Lol.

We finally found out the gender.  It's a girl!!!!   Yay!!!   I called it , with as sick as I was, I knew it had to be a girl.  

Life has other plans for me and it's own way of making things go the way it wants.    I was taking the dogs out last week, stepped down wrong and broke my ankle.   6 am
In the morning.  Gah!!!   So, I am in a hard cast now.    Not doing a whole lot.    I just started venturing out for small trips by myself.    But, trying to work crutches with a big belly is not fun.    My poor husband has had to really take on a lot more at home.   I guess I needed to start taking it easy with this pregnancy.    I had big plans to go grocery shopping by myself.   Haha.   I went and mailed a package and was beat.  Lol. Had to go home and take a nap.  

Hope everyone is doing good!!
Love to all!