Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I am still alive......barely

I have not updated in awhile.  I have been SOOOOOOOO sick for the last couple of months.   This is probably the worst morning sickness I have had in all my pregnancies. 

Baby is doing great!  Had a OB appt today and baby is happy and healthy in there.   We are 14weeks and 3 days today.  

I have decided this will be my last pregnancy.  No more babies after this.  This one is kicking my butt!!   Plus, I am old now.   LOL  Time to call it quits.   You know its funny.  When I was lookin for a match last year, I had people that told me I was too old for them.   LOL  Well, look at us now. 

I am only down 3 lbs since my last appt, so I guess I haven't been that sick, huh?  NOT!!!  ;)

Will update more when I am feeling better.  Hope everyone is doing good.

Love to all!!