Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yes, we are all still alive!!  :)  Life has been busy for everyone.    Logan is doing good.  Keeping his dads on their toes.  They are ready for another.  So, it looks like in a couple more months, we will be trying for a sibling.  Then I am done!  Put a fork in me, or I should say my uterus.  LOL  I will be tying my tubes afterwards.  I am just about considered OLD by maternity standards.  Haha.

Life at home is good.  Alex just started 8th grade.  Crazy!  She is in the midst of playing soccer right now.  Not playing the flute anymore.  But, now has guitar at school, and wants to start playing the piano again.
Had a great visit with Christopher and his mom a couple of weeks ago.  We ended up at the state fair.  Alex and I stayed up there for the night.  We had a hotel room that we all shared.  Good times!  Tears when we said goodbye.  The usual.  :)Love them!!

Been a month or so since I saw Karlie.  They are doing good.  She is as fiesty as usual.  LOL  No stopping for that girl. 
Then got word last night that Percy will be coming to Alexs Bday celebration.  So, very exciting!!!

Get to see all the babies within a 2 month span.  We have a layover on the way back from Cabo in Sept.  So, I will be able to see Logan for a few hours.  I think thats the only reason Alex is going.  She couldn't care less for trip, just to see Logan is what she wants.  :)

Hope everyone is well.
Love to all!!