Thursday, September 22, 2016

Matching etiquette

I talk to a lot of new people coming into surrogacy.   Either to help them navigate the surrogacy route or through matching myself.   Surrogacy is awkward.   Get use to it.   There are many uneasy conversations that happen during a journey.   Especially if you are independent.   There is no agency as a middle man.  

When you are matching, as either a surrogate or IP, you will talk to lots of people.    This is like dating.   Generally you don't marry the first person that comes along.   You have to find the right match.   Same with surrogacy.   So, when you talk to someone, it's very exciting.   Even after so many years, I still get excited when matching.    But, if it is not a match, let the other party know.   It doesn't matter if it's for age, comp, location, or things just seem off.    Let them know it's not a good match.   Nothing worse than waiting around for a email or text from someone that said they liked you, only to disappear.