Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting to be that time again!

Well, we are getting close.  I am gearing up here.  I have been tracking the last couple months.  I just ordered more OPKs for the monitor, picked up my prometrium, and clomid.  Waiting on my HCG shot to show up this coming week.   We are almost exactly 1 month from IUIs.  I am in the midst of ovulation right now, so this time next month, we are go!  :)

Saw the most wonderful Dr Clare a few weeks ago.  Love that guy.  He has the most calm demeanor.  I told him I wanted to just go straight to clomid/trigger.  We usually pussy foot around with non-medicated IUIs for a couple tries.  With the results not very promising.  But, both times we did a medicated cycle, I got pregnant the first try.  So, with my age, we need to just go.  Haha!

We are doing good here.  Busy, busy!!  We leave in 2 weeks for our race.  (We race off road trucks.)  We have the biggest race in the world coming up.  Its the Baja 1000.  Even more gruelling than the Dakar.  So, I have been trying to get stuff together for that.  Also, working my butt off.  Its a very long race, so stamina is a big thing.  So, I have been working out 5xs a week.  Not seeing much weight coming off though, which is a bummer. 

Alex has soccer  championships this weekend.  Our weekends have been booked for a while.  Alex has soccer every saturday and I have softball every sunday.  So, after this weekend, it will be open for a bit.  Yay!!  I am starting a adult co-ed soccer league on Friday nights.  So, that is something I am looking forward to. 

Hope everyone is doing well.