Sunday, November 24, 2013

Contract hell, and the road to dreams.....

Well, its that time again.  Just about ready for IUIs.

There was a new law passed in CA that the surrogate must have their own representation.  I usually don't have my own lawyer.  I am the one that usually gets the contract wrote out.  And, then the only time we talk to the lawyer is for the PBO.  I am not a big demanding person in regards to the contract.  If IPs want to jerk me around, I fully believe karma will take its place eventully.

Well, my IFs lawyer, mind you this is the same lawyer we had for the PBO last time, where the contract I had wrote up was just fine, decided we needed to have a different contract.  So, she sent everyone her standard contract.   LOL  OMG!  I guess she also has her own surrogacy agency, and this is the standard contract that she gives all of her surrogates.  Now, let me say, my very first GS contract was eerily similar to this one that I got.  I also red marked it all over then, and I didn't even know anything then.  LOL

Some of the finer points of this contract was the food clause.  I am sure you have all seen it.  I will eat fresh fruits and veggies daily.  I will not eat fish, I will not drink caffeine blah blah blah.  Now, just by my everyday living.  I eat as healthy as I can.  I don't drink any caffeine, and I am not a fish eater.  So, now what is the problem, you ask?  Well, what if by some chance, I start craving fish during pregnancy.  If my Dr is ok with it, but the contract is not.  Well, what then?  So, this whole paragraph got a huge XXXX.   What if I crave Mc D's french fries everyday during the pregnancy.  Hahaha!

Then came the next one.  After week 26, cannot be more than 50 miles from home.  Huh?  I work 95 miles away from home.  So, thats impossible.   Also , I am a traveller.  If my Dr say not to travel , then I won't.  But, I was in Hawaii last time, I think at 27-28 weeks.  Then I was in Disneyland (350 miles away) during week 36.  

I cannot use any online message boards (SMO), blogs, etc..  I laughed.  Uhm, no.   I am a talker.  I chat about everything.  My IFs know this.  I keep their identities hidden.  But, we met originally through SMO classifieds.  Also, along these same lines, was that I would not post anything about the birth.  Huh?  This is still MY body going through labor.    Needless to say, more XXXXX.

My goodness.  There was so much.  When my lawyer called me I gave her a earful.  She told me, "You know I am YOUR lawyer, right?"   Haha Oops!!  Poor lady.  I am on a clomid wave right now, and she got a blow by from it.  I will have to send her chocolates or something., when this is all done.  I just feel bad for any new surrogates that sign up with her, and don't know that they have a voice in this.  I have seen way to many surrogates, that just bow down and take it.   Maybe thats why I don't have a huge line of people waiting for me.  LOL  I am a bit strong willed.  :D

We are on the road to hopefully a new baby.  I did my 5 days of clomid this cycle.  Had 2 follicles.  1 good size and 1 a bit smaller.  I will trigger tomorrow, and then we will do IUIs Tues-Wed.  My IF C, is flying in today.  So, everything is in motion.  I am hoping Thanksgiving, brings us a little something to be very thankful for.  :)

Hope everyone is doing good!!!  I don't post much, but I do follow/stalk :)  your blogs, and SMO.