Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nothing new going on.

Life is super busy, but quiet.  We have had Bdays here the last couple of weeks.   We spent Alexs Bday at Ifly.  It is a indoor sky diving thing.  We had great fun.  Percy (my first surrobabe), and her Mom came.  It was so fun to see them and spend some time with them. 

Then just a few days later it was my Bday.  The big 4-1.  OMG!!!  I can't even believe it.
Gregg got me a new shotgun.  It is really nice.  So, we spent this past Sunday out shooting.  I started trying to skeet shoot.  That is fun!!  I want to keep doing it, and hopefully get much better.  Because as of right now, my statistics are not very good.  Haha.

On the surrogacy front.  I am still done with TS.  No more genetic babies for me.  Sad sad.  I am still looking for GS IPs.  I have heard it all.  I drove down to Dr Kumars clinic in LA last week, and was cleared by his clinic.  So, I am ready.  I just have to find someone that is suitable for me.  :D  I think I have gotten very picky about who I will work with now.   I have had babies for wonderful people and don't want to change that now.

Hopefully I update soon with matching news. 

Love to all