Monday, February 2, 2015

That's how it's done!

Everyone finally got the redline from my atty this morning.   Then instead of continuing going back and forth, my IM said F this and handled business.  :).  She called me and we went over the few points still hanging things up.   We have come to a agreement that works for both of us.   She is giving it to her attorney and hopefully we have this done by tomorrow.   

Good news for all of us!  


Sunday, February 1, 2015


Flippin, flappin, Fudge, GAHHHHHHH.   Lots of frustration going on right now.

Taking a deep breath here.  We are working on contracts.  I am using the same lawyer that we used for the sibling contracts.  It was a rush deal last time.  We were going to use the same contracts that I wrote up with Logan.  But, their atty didn't want to use those again.  So, the guys had to pay $$$ for the attys contract.  I have my reservations on why this is, but that is a whole other post.  ;)

So, if you remember last time, I said I should send her some chocolates because I was kind of rude to her.  Well, I guess I should of done that.  I talked to my atty last Saturday.  Went over the contract, I had 2 1/2 pages of changes I wanted made.  The contract was very pro-IP.  Lots of spots that a surrogate could get into trouble.   So, anyways, she asks what our time frame is.  I tell her that we start meds on Feb 13th, so we have a little time.  No, I guess not.  My IM informs me that they are leaving on the 4th for a trip.  They won't be back until after med start.  Well, the clinic won't let you start meds without a contract in place.  Which is smart.   So, I start letting my atty know that we have had a change in plans, and it needs to be done NOW.   Like yesterday.   Well, here it is Sunday, and nothing.  I have been emailing her and she keeps telling me that she is sending it , but it never shows up.  

Yesterday I got a text from the agency and the IPs wondering what was going on.  I have emailed the atty a ton, with the same results....nothing.   I emailed her yesterday, I still haven't had a reply.  Usually she will reply , of course, what she replies with never happens.  So, which is better.  LOL

I cannot get her to send the redline contract.   I am pissed.  I want this done.  I am paying out money on my end for copays, notary, faxes, etc.... and want to make sure I am covered.   But, I also want to make sure this cycle isn't pushed back.   Grrrrrr   I should of stuck with Shelley.   She was always fast.   Mistake learned.  I will not use this attorney ever again, and I will tell other surrogates not to waste their time either.   

With better news, I got to see the guys and Logan last week.   It was so awesome!!  I got kisses and hugs.   Logan is such a sweetie.  Was such a nice visit with the guys.  

Spent sunday in the ER.  I play roller derby and rolled my ankle during practice.   A big pop and I was no longer moving.   Its been hell week.   Been in bed most of the time.  Took a few days off of work.   It is a pain in the butt.  Saw my GP on Wed.  He says I tore some blood vessels and some ligaments.   I have another appt with the Ortho this coming Wed.  I would really like this to be cleared up and get back to life.

Love to all!!!