Sunday, February 1, 2015


Flippin, flappin, Fudge, GAHHHHHHH.   Lots of frustration going on right now.

Taking a deep breath here.  We are working on contracts.  I am using the same lawyer that we used for the sibling contracts.  It was a rush deal last time.  We were going to use the same contracts that I wrote up with Logan.  But, their atty didn't want to use those again.  So, the guys had to pay $$$ for the attys contract.  I have my reservations on why this is, but that is a whole other post.  ;)

So, if you remember last time, I said I should send her some chocolates because I was kind of rude to her.  Well, I guess I should of done that.  I talked to my atty last Saturday.  Went over the contract, I had 2 1/2 pages of changes I wanted made.  The contract was very pro-IP.  Lots of spots that a surrogate could get into trouble.   So, anyways, she asks what our time frame is.  I tell her that we start meds on Feb 13th, so we have a little time.  No, I guess not.  My IM informs me that they are leaving on the 4th for a trip.  They won't be back until after med start.  Well, the clinic won't let you start meds without a contract in place.  Which is smart.   So, I start letting my atty know that we have had a change in plans, and it needs to be done NOW.   Like yesterday.   Well, here it is Sunday, and nothing.  I have been emailing her and she keeps telling me that she is sending it , but it never shows up.  

Yesterday I got a text from the agency and the IPs wondering what was going on.  I have emailed the atty a ton, with the same results....nothing.   I emailed her yesterday, I still haven't had a reply.  Usually she will reply , of course, what she replies with never happens.  So, which is better.  LOL

I cannot get her to send the redline contract.   I am pissed.  I want this done.  I am paying out money on my end for copays, notary, faxes, etc.... and want to make sure I am covered.   But, I also want to make sure this cycle isn't pushed back.   Grrrrrr   I should of stuck with Shelley.   She was always fast.   Mistake learned.  I will not use this attorney ever again, and I will tell other surrogates not to waste their time either.   

With better news, I got to see the guys and Logan last week.   It was so awesome!!  I got kisses and hugs.   Logan is such a sweetie.  Was such a nice visit with the guys.  

Spent sunday in the ER.  I play roller derby and rolled my ankle during practice.   A big pop and I was no longer moving.   Its been hell week.   Been in bed most of the time.  Took a few days off of work.   It is a pain in the butt.  Saw my GP on Wed.  He says I tore some blood vessels and some ligaments.   I have another appt with the Ortho this coming Wed.  I would really like this to be cleared up and get back to life.

Love to all!!!

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