Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hurry up and...........wait

Well, it seems like we are looking at a July transfer.  I have been busting my ass trying to get all my stuff done so we can get this moving.  I got my psych eval done asap.  When the go ahead came for the US and blood work at a local clinic, I was there the next day.  I didn't want any hangups.  Well, then comes word that it will be July.  2 months from my next period.  Disappointing to say the least.  I have never seen a clinic move so slow.
So, I guess for now, I will just cruise along.  No worries.  Contracts can take a couple months now.  We have time.  Uhg.

Friday, April 18, 2014

New paths

So, I have been super quiet.  :)  I have matched with some wonderful IPs from the east coast.  This will be a GS.   I have retired myself from TS. 
I have passed all my required stuff...... psych screening, medical screening, back ground checks, etc....

The final blood work was done yesterday.  So, now we go on to contracts.  I am hoping this is painless and quick.  I have already informed my lawyer to be on the lookout for it.  I have not worked with their lawyer before, so I am hoping I don't have to make any bad phone calls.  LOL

Will update with more info as it comes in.  :)