Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mothers Day

Yes, I know Mother's Day was a week ago.  But, thought I would touch on this now.
I heard from each IM for Mother's Day.  Either by text, call or card.  I love that despite the years that have gone by, we are still family and they act as such.  Not once have they ever treated me like a rented uterus.

I really have been lucky that these women were brought into my life.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Trust your gut.... Heart

What a mess.   The last couple weeks have been a roller coaster of
Emotions.  G and I did all of our blood work for STDs and drug/alcohol.   Got a call from the dr on a Friday at closing that one of Gregg's test came back with something wrong.   Wouldn't tell me what it was, said he needs to talk to Gregg about it.   Gregg tried calling right back but they were closed.

So, we go through the weekend not having a clue as to what could be wrong.  As a wife, I am
thinking it better be something showing up on his hep b or something stupid like NyQuil the night before, which would flag his drug test.   Because if his std test comes back +, we have other things to worry about.  :). Right?!!
Well, it takes a week for the Dr to call back.  Well, he continues to tell G that his HIV test came back +.  Well the stat test not the confirmation test.  So, he needs to see his primary.  So, G is freaked out.  I start trying to call the clinic to find out what the heck happens now.  I am not worried by these results , as false positives are common and he has had this test done quite a few times.  No worries on my end.
Well, the clinic says everything is on hold.  That they need clearance from his primary.  Well, you would think that it's just a repeat hiv test, right?   Who knows!   The clinic starts playing who's on first.  I have never seen a clinic act more vague.  I didn't say anything to G at the time about this day of back and forth emails.  I was completely disgusted by their behavior by the end of the day.

The next day G and I had a talk.  He completely broke down.  He was so scared.  He works part time at a tow yard and is in and out of nasty cars.  So, he was worried about picking something up from there.   Watching him sob, broke my heart in a million pieces.  
We had his appt at his primary for new blood work and clearance from his dr , that day.   We have since received his results that he is in fact hiv neg!  Woot!!!!   But, at the same
Time I have decided that there is no way in hell I would ever work with this clinic.   They are so lost in this whole process.  With this, I have walked from my IPs.   No contract was ever in place.  Plus, I am picking up the fees from my end.  I have paid for the back ground checks ($84), our std/drug blood work, plus follow up blood work ($400), and all my gas and co pays for all of these appts.  I haven't received a penny from them.   So, hopefully this helps them continue on.   I do not have a cash tree in my backyard to cover all of this.  But, I wouldn't expect cash from them after this mess.

Is it nap time yet???
Love to all.  Xoxox