Sunday, March 16, 2014


What a whirlwind life can be.  Many , Many things happening around here.

I have been searching for a TS for my IFs.  We talked about doing GS w/ED.   It was just too expensive, even with me lowering my fee for them.  I have done many surrogacies.  My last TS (#4), I did for a all inclusive 37k.  And, was going to lower it to 35k for the GS.  This will come into play.  Just wait. 
So, I have been searching for a TS for them.  TS is just easier and cheaper, especially when you need a ED.  But, you also have to take into consideration the emotional ties of the TS.  This isn't just a cut and run situation.
So, anyways, I find this TS here in CA.  Because, they want someone in CA.  I email her, she emails me back.  Very cold email, very standoffish.  Ok, I just chalk it up to maybe its because I email her and not the IFs.  Talk to 1 of the IFS about it.  Tell him to email her and see what she says.

They chatted with her on the phone for 2 hours.  They hit it off, GREAT!  Its very bittersweet.  I am happy for them, yet sad at the same time.  I know I am not the only TS in the world, but its nice to think so some times.  :)
She wants to talk to me, to get a reference for the guys.  Not a problem.  Going into the phone call, I honestly didn't want to like her.  I wanted to say, What a bitch.  But, I was pleasantly suprised.  She was very nice, if not very green about TS.  I had to explain to her about OPKs, cervical mucus, etc...  It seems to me, you would research what the heck you are doing, before trying to match.  At this point, no one had any idea of what her comp was to be.  The next day , the guys got her fee sheet.  48K!!!!  OMG!!  What is she smoking?????  She has never done this before, has no idea of how to do this, and she wants 48k?????  She bumped her head.  Well , the guys think no way, this is too much.  I tell them, no way in hell!  So, we chat about it.  I make mention that if they pay 48k for her, I will be pissed.
Next day , they come to a happy medium.  How much you are asking?  34k.  Yes, 34k for a first timer.  Now you are thinking, they bumped their heads, right?  Ya.  I made mention that I think they are still paying way to much, but obviously this has nothing to do with me anymore.  Am I bitter about it?  Hell yes.  I guess I was a steal?  I don't know.  I hope it works out and they have the other baby they want.  That is what they are striving for.

I have another set of IPs I am trying to find a TS for.  I am good friends with their former TS.  I was at the birth of their baby girl.  They are also going through a similar situation trying to find a TS.  They found someone who has delivered once as a GS, but she wants some astronomical amount, plus $370 a day in lost wages.  Come on!  Really?  I make that at work, and in no way is a IP going to be able to pay that if something bad happens.  What if you get put on bedrest at say, 30 weeks.  Can you imagine how much that would be??  That would be almost another 20k on top of your base fee already.
I saw another ad on SMO for someone who has never been a surrogate before, and they are asking 65k.  ??????  What has happened to this stuff??? 
I have decided to continue on to be a GS again.  This will be my 5th surrogacy, maybe I should ask for 100k?  Seems to be the norm.  Maybe I will find someone so desperate to have a child, that they will just agree??  Nawwww.  I am not like that.  There is a time for everything.  I believe in Karma.  I will not ever do another comp free journey.  Been there done that, still paying the bills for it.  But, I am willing to work out something for the right person.  I am just flabbergasted at some of these women.

Be honest!!!!  With yourself at least.
Love to all!!