Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Luck O' the Irish?

It's been a roller coaster of emotions the last could of weeks.    We had our transfer on  March 12th.  We transferred 2 embryos.   Fingers crossed!!  

I didn't plan on testing until  Tues.   That would be 5dpt5dt.   Or 10dpo.   Which is my normal day to get a +.    But, Monday was calling to  me.   I hadn't bought any HPTs yet.    And to test Tuesday morning I had to get them on Monday.  Right?!?!   Lol.  Well I had no self control.   I had to test Monday night.    Nothing.   Stark white.    It's ok.  We are only 4dpt at this point.   If it would of been + it would be a high possibility of  twins.    While scary, it's do able.   No worries.  It's was neg anyways.

So, Tuesday comes  around.   I am getting my + today, right?   Wrong!   Test is still neg.   I am upset. I can't believe there is not at least a squinter.    I let my IM know.    We are both super bummed.   I just assumed it would work on the first try.
So, we start planning on a May cycle.   They have one embryo left and we are going to give it all we got!   So, planning ahead makes it better.   We have a plan.    I still have to take my meds because our beta isn't until Friday.   Which sucks.   But, what are you going to do?

Wednesday I decide to test just in case.   Never know right?   Well I shove the hpt in my pocket.  (Don't ask, it's a peeaholic thing.  Hahah).   Take the dogs out and remember, oh hey!   So, I pull it out and look.   Oh bleeeppppp!
That's right!   A line!!   I had just about given up that this cycle worked.   I was in total shock!!!

So, each day I am testing.   Making sure the tests are getting darker.   I had my first beta on Friday the 20th.    The results.......,,,,23.   What?!?!?!    That's it?   So, the tests continue.
This was Sundays test.
Looking good!!!!    Today is my 2nd beta.   I am
Really nervous.   It should be 96 if it's doubling on the normal time frame.   Which is still very low.   I am trying to be optimistic.    

Will update later.  
Love you all.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

8 dw

Here we are!!
So, I flew to vegas last Friday for a lining check.   It was a 11!   I think that is my best so far.   So, very happy for that.  So, we got the go for transfer.   I flew home Saturday and then back again on wed.   Thursday the 12th, we transferred 2 grade 2B embryos.   Dr Sher doesn't do a 14 day wait for beta.   He only does a 8 day wait.   So, our first beta is this coming Friday.  

Super excited!!!  We all have our fingers crossed.   Come on babies!!

I spent some time with my IM during my stay.   It was so very nice.   It was our first meeting in person.   It was nice to think of her as a real person.     You know when you email/text with someone, it's hard to think of them in the flesh.    So, it worked out great.   We got along well.   I could see us being friends even without this.   <3.

My last IFs have been here doing insems with their new TS.   I thought maybe we would get together while he was here.  For lunch or something.   Their clinic is in the town I live in.  So, it's not as if it's a drive.   I feel sad about that.   But, I guess this is the direction things have headed.   I have never felt like a means to a end before.    I know that IPs don't go into surrogacy willingly.    But, I have never had this kind of experience with IPs before.   It's a new aspect that I guess I new to get use to.

I will not be testing until Tuesday.   That would be 5dpt5dt.   Which would be perfect timing for me.   My IM is just as much of a peestick holic as I am.   So, between the two of us, I am hoping we make Tuesday.  Haha.

Love to all!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chugging along

Things are going smoothly so far.   I fly out to Las Vegas on Friday for a lining check with the clinic.  I am super nervous.  Just one of those things.  Never know if your body is doing what it is suppose to do.  And, so many people watching and waiting on YOU.  Like watching a pot of boiling water.  LOL  Please don't be a debbie downer.   ;)

Back at the gym and last night was my first night back at derby, since spraining my ankle.  We worked off skates last night.   Boooo.  So, I haven't been on skates since my fall.   I had to cancel my spot on the soccer team.   Total bummer!!  Softball starts this sunday.   Thats always fun!  

Its Greggs Bday today!!   Yay!!

Love to all!!