Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Luck O' the Irish?

It's been a roller coaster of emotions the last could of weeks.    We had our transfer on  March 12th.  We transferred 2 embryos.   Fingers crossed!!  

I didn't plan on testing until  Tues.   That would be 5dpt5dt.   Or 10dpo.   Which is my normal day to get a +.    But, Monday was calling to  me.   I hadn't bought any HPTs yet.    And to test Tuesday morning I had to get them on Monday.  Right?!?!   Lol.  Well I had no self control.   I had to test Monday night.    Nothing.   Stark white.    It's ok.  We are only 4dpt at this point.   If it would of been + it would be a high possibility of  twins.    While scary, it's do able.   No worries.  It's was neg anyways.

So, Tuesday comes  around.   I am getting my + today, right?   Wrong!   Test is still neg.   I am upset. I can't believe there is not at least a squinter.    I let my IM know.    We are both super bummed.   I just assumed it would work on the first try.
So, we start planning on a May cycle.   They have one embryo left and we are going to give it all we got!   So, planning ahead makes it better.   We have a plan.    I still have to take my meds because our beta isn't until Friday.   Which sucks.   But, what are you going to do?

Wednesday I decide to test just in case.   Never know right?   Well I shove the hpt in my pocket.  (Don't ask, it's a peeaholic thing.  Hahah).   Take the dogs out and remember, oh hey!   So, I pull it out and look.   Oh bleeeppppp!
That's right!   A line!!   I had just about given up that this cycle worked.   I was in total shock!!!

So, each day I am testing.   Making sure the tests are getting darker.   I had my first beta on Friday the 20th.    The results.......,,,,23.   What?!?!?!    That's it?   So, the tests continue.
This was Sundays test.
Looking good!!!!    Today is my 2nd beta.   I am
Really nervous.   It should be 96 if it's doubling on the normal time frame.   Which is still very low.   I am trying to be optimistic.    

Will update later.  
Love you all.  

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