Saturday, March 14, 2015

8 dw

Here we are!!
So, I flew to vegas last Friday for a lining check.   It was a 11!   I think that is my best so far.   So, very happy for that.  So, we got the go for transfer.   I flew home Saturday and then back again on wed.   Thursday the 12th, we transferred 2 grade 2B embryos.   Dr Sher doesn't do a 14 day wait for beta.   He only does a 8 day wait.   So, our first beta is this coming Friday.  

Super excited!!!  We all have our fingers crossed.   Come on babies!!

I spent some time with my IM during my stay.   It was so very nice.   It was our first meeting in person.   It was nice to think of her as a real person.     You know when you email/text with someone, it's hard to think of them in the flesh.    So, it worked out great.   We got along well.   I could see us being friends even without this.   <3.

My last IFs have been here doing insems with their new TS.   I thought maybe we would get together while he was here.  For lunch or something.   Their clinic is in the town I live in.  So, it's not as if it's a drive.   I feel sad about that.   But, I guess this is the direction things have headed.   I have never felt like a means to a end before.    I know that IPs don't go into surrogacy willingly.    But, I have never had this kind of experience with IPs before.   It's a new aspect that I guess I new to get use to.

I will not be testing until Tuesday.   That would be 5dpt5dt.   Which would be perfect timing for me.   My IM is just as much of a peestick holic as I am.   So, between the two of us, I am hoping we make Tuesday.  Haha.

Love to all!!!

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