Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chugging along

Things are going smoothly so far.   I fly out to Las Vegas on Friday for a lining check with the clinic.  I am super nervous.  Just one of those things.  Never know if your body is doing what it is suppose to do.  And, so many people watching and waiting on YOU.  Like watching a pot of boiling water.  LOL  Please don't be a debbie downer.   ;)

Back at the gym and last night was my first night back at derby, since spraining my ankle.  We worked off skates last night.   Boooo.  So, I haven't been on skates since my fall.   I had to cancel my spot on the soccer team.   Total bummer!!  Softball starts this sunday.   Thats always fun!  

Its Greggs Bday today!!   Yay!!

Love to all!!

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