Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can we still be friends?

Since this post has attracted a lot of neg attention I will let it go.

Being a TS there are things you have to look at when matching. This may be a surrogacy but it is still my child. I am looking out for the future for these children.
If I decided I couldn't work with you, I tried to take your feelings to heart and break it off without hurting anyone. But, thats never really a easy task.

I know I have hurt some of you. I am sorry.


Anonymous said...

What if it had nothing to do with immaturity, and they felt like you dumped them, and they no longer trusted you?

So while they were dying to remain friends with you because you were so cool, they just couldn't bring themselves to do it- because the trust was gone.

A very short relationship with a potential surrogate has absolutely nothing to do with raising your own child.
They will be fabulous parents, and after working that damn hard to get their children, you can be sure they wont be leaving them at the first sign of "trouble"

Just a different perspective.

~J~ said...

I am sorry you felt that way. It was no way intended to be like that. I was tired of being told my eggs were too old, and that you wanted 2 surrogates, when I had said I wasn't comfortable being in a 2 surrogate situation.

I am sorry I responded to your ad. I didn't realize it was you until later.

I wish you luck in your search and hope you have a baby in your arms soon.