Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am tired. Tired of trying to match again. I actually got a comment on my FB post, about my friend who had passed, from my IM. It said she was sorry. That is it. Haven't heard anything from them in 2 wks. Was stood up by my IF. I am really flabbergasted by this. I am still spotting from the MC. I would want to make sure my surro was ok. I was calling them every chance I got after we found out, to make sure they were ok. So, to feel left high and dry hurts. Just ugh. So, I am going to try and start again. Get things going.

I was just looking at a bunch of pictures of Aaron. I have been heartbroken for his family since I heard the news. Saturday his wife woke up without him. His kids woke up without him there. I went grocery shopping Sunday, and thought about them. Going to the store and realizing you don't have to buy certain things for your husband. I buy certain things for Gregg. He is the only one that will eat them. To realize that at the store would be so hard. I would probably break down in the store. Aarons memorial is this Sat. We will go. Hug our friends and makes sure each one knows how much we love them.

Life is so short. I don't want to spend my time being mad at people. I don't care about past grievances. In the big scheme of things its not going to matter anyways. Next time you think your snide comment is good for your self esteem, try and remember that everyone is going through some sort of pain. And just maybe its their bad day today.

Love to all!!! XOXOXO

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Sarah said...

I am so sorry about your friend Aaron. I read the article when you posted it and it is so sad. As for your IPs dropping you without a word is just heartbreaking. I hope your realize this m/c wasn't your fault, sh!t just happens~ unfortunately all of this happened all at once. Sending you big hugs. We need to do lunch sometime next week. Miss you.