Tuesday, February 28, 2012


1st IUI down, 1 to go. If for some reason I don't ovulate tonight, we will do a home insem on thursday. Just to be on the safe side. Since we did a IUI, we are still clear on the PBO. Which is good.

Today I think I finally found the difference between working with a IM and a IF. IMs have been through so much heartache that its hard for them to get excited about this stuff. There is excitement there but it is tarnished by what they have had to endure already. They don't want to get their hopes up again.

With IFs its quite different. They haven't been through years of treatment to see whats wrong, IVF, meds, etc... They come into this with excitement.

The IMs I have delivered for have been great! I have never felt resentment or jealousy from them. They have always treated me with respect. But, I have come across some IMs with emotional issues stemming from infertility. Where you can just feel it through the words on the screen. But, on the other hand, I have also seen some IFs with serious control issues.

I am thankful to each IP I have worked with. Good or bad, they have all taught me something.

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