Monday, February 27, 2012

Good times!

I haven't posted in a week. So, there is a lot that has happened. I spoke of my IFs a bit ago. We have been chatting almost a year. They would ask me for advice on surrogacy. Just chit chat, etc.. Well, we were both in the process of looking for another half for surrogacy. We decided to work together. And, here we are. They live on the east coast, and I live on the west coast. So, a face to face meeting has never happened. They came out this past weekend. What a great time!!

They had some issues getting into town. First their planes were cancelled due to weather so they had to take later flights. Then when they finally got into SF, the rental place was out of cars. So, they some how got a car, while other people stood by waiting for cars to return. And, then about 2pm started the journey from SF to Modesto. If any of you know Bay Area traffic. Then you know this wasn't good. This was also on a Friday. LOL
So, they finally got to town and we met for dinner. Had a great dinner. Talked and laughed. I had to go to work so it was a short visit. We were planning on meeting the next day once I was up and moving.

Saturday we met up and I drove them around town. Showed them were the DRs office is, the hospital, etc... Then we had a appt to take care of the notary for contracts. With everything signed and ready to go, we had time for some fun.

So, we went to a local festival. It doesn't seem like any of us were ride freaks. LOL So, I talked my daughter Alex into riding the ferris wheel. One IF and I had many laughs at Alex and the other IF. They were a little freaked out. Haha

W (one of the IFs) had to leave early Sunday morning. Him and I texted for quite awhile until he had to get on the plane. I had plans to take C (the other IF) to a hockey game on Sunday. Hockey is his favorite sport. We had about 10 people. Alex took a girlfriend with her. Gregg was too behind with work so he didn't make it. But, we had a great time!! C got along with everyone. All the kids loved him. :)

I work today and tomorrow. So, C is out galavanting the country side. :)
I have started OPKs. Today is CD12. I am hoping to see a + on Wednesday. We will then do IUIs either Wed/Thurs, or Thurs/Fri.

I am really happy with where we are in this. Timing has worked out great. We have talked/texted/emailed every single day.

Oh, I went and saw my granddaughter last Wednesday also. She is so tiny and so very cute. It was a good visit. It was more of a eye opener visit for me.

I am a romantic. I love happy endings. I guess I have been living in a fairy tale of sorts with my relationship with her all this time. I thought we were working towards a Mother/daughter relationship of some sorts. I wanted to be considered a grandma to this baby. Sadly to me, this is not the situation. My daughter has a mom, that is not me. While I am sad about this, and want so much more, I can only be happy for my daughter. This is what she has wanted. To be a mom. Her mother has not let that happen before. So, Cat is in heaven. She is a mom and wants more eventually.

My realtionship is what it is. There is no definition. I just have to let it go and see what happens. No expectations. Which is hard for me.

But, life is good. Everyone is healthy and happy, and that is all that matters.

Love to all!!! xoxox

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