Thursday, March 8, 2012

9 dpo

So, have I ever told you how inpatient I am? I hate waiting for anything. I think that comes from being a only child. LOL You know, the whole "world revolves around me" thing. LOL

Its officially 9dpo tonight. I am planning on testing tomorrow, but won't think bad thoughts if its neg. I will be 9 1/2 dpo in the morning. If by Sunday I am still get - tests, I will know it didn't happen. But, I am always the optimist. So, always think good thoughts but prepare for the worst. KWIM?

Greggs party went really well! We had so much food left over. I ate taco something until Tuesday. I finally told him, I was done. I love Mexican food, but I need a few days off. LOL Oh, and beer! I still have 2 kegs that are 1/2 way full. AND, 2 ice chests. All full of beer. I don't even drink! Haha!

Taking Alex to Disneyland in the morning. We are having rabbit drama here at home, so it will be a nice break for us both. Its just the 2 of us going. So, it will be a nice mother/daughter time.

Everybody think positive for the next couple of days. I will update when I get back.

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