Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hold your head up high!

I am back from Dland. What a great trip! It was just Alex and I. It was such a nice Mother/Daughter bonding trip. My IFs got us a room at a very nice hotel. And, the hotel staff treated us like rockstars! LOL We finally just got home. I am so tired though. Its time for a nap.

On the TS front, I don't have such good news. I called Friday and got my progesterone results. It came back at a 3. It has to be over a 10 for them to know that you ovulated. I had another one done in August and it came back at 13. Then I got pregnant in Nov. So, I know I am ovulating. This is a pretty normal occurence. Just no one really knows because you wouldn't know unless you had a blood draw or monitoring.

But, a 3? How do you even make that phone call? " I am sorry to inform you that my body sucks." LOL My IFs were so excited that this was happening. For me to let them know yesterday that I was the cause for this cycle to be a bust was hard. If we hadn't had the blood work, I would of just thought this cycle didn't work. But, to know that it was me, is rough. I had to put my happy face on for Alex. Being at Dland made it hard to sulk. But, trust me it was there when I got up this morning. I really just wanted to crawl under the couch and hide.

So, Tuesday I go back to see Dr C. He is such a awesome Dr. I really trust whatever he says. If he wants to do a medicated cycle, thats what we will do. If he just wants to just do a trigger shot. Whatever, I am game. This negative stuff sucks.

Love to all!

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Sarah said...

I am really sorry. That is so tough. Negatives are never easy.

Sending Big Hugs!