Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New cycle, new plan!

MEDS, MEDS, and more meds!

So, I saw Dr Clare today. We are doing just about the same protocol I used when I got pregnant with Christopher. We will do clomid on CD3-7. That is the only difference, as we did CD5-9 on that cycle. Do a trigger shot the day I get my first + on the OPKs, then do the IUIs the next 2 days. We will start progesterone supplements the 3rd day after I trigger. Wow!!
Today is CD1. So, hopefully this as goes as planned. LOL
The pharmacy called me about the trigger shot. Damn is that expensive!. They ran my insurance and the insurance co pay was actually more than just paying out of pocket for it. So, I just payed out of pocket.

A little nervous about all the meds. I hope they don't make me feel icky. I don't remember any problems the last time I was on them, but that was in 2008. Hopefully this does the trick. I had to cancel my plans to race in Nov. I was hoping this last cycle would of worked. I would of been due right before the race. So, I could of delivered and then headed down to Mexico. At least now, there is no stress. I will be here at home directing the guys from the comfort of my couch. LOL


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