Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today is a happy day!  Going to Karlies Bday party.  She is my first TS baby.  She was born on Mothers Day 5 years ago tomorrow.  :)
I talked to her on the phone a couple days ago.  She was so excited about her Jasmine party.  Although her mom told me this is the first she has heard about a Jasmine party.  LOL 

Got a sweet mothers day card from my IFs.  Super Sweet!

Picked up another box of Crinone gel today.  Only 6 doses per box.  This stuff is getting expensive.  :(

Went to see the Avengers last night.  Great movie!  Looks like tomorrow we are going to the movies again.  To see the new Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp.  I totally blanked on the name.  LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  Love to all!!!

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