Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going back to the olden days. LOL

I have just about had it with anything electrical.  The night Gregg left for Mexico, the heater on my bed went out.  Yes, I still have a waterbed.  I LOVE my waterbed, but I think its getting to be about that time to put it to pasture.  We are going through heaters like crazy.  I ordered one off ebay, and its on the slow boat to get here.  Gregg said he should of stayed in Mex.  LoL  We are checking the mail everyday.  I have a guy here who sells them.  He is a really wierd hippy dude.  His cost is about twice what I can buy them on ebay for.  Plus the last few have been from him.  So, I don't know if he is selling me the wrong one, or what.  But, its getting old quick.

Then our Wi-Fi here at home is doing weird things.  The wi-fi works on the TV but not on our phones or laptop.  No matter resetting it or anything, it just doesn't want to work.  I was trying to play one of my games online last night on my laptop and it kept booting me off.  I tell you, virgin ears wouldn't of been a good thing to have around at that time.  :)  Very annoyed!

Getting closer on the pregnancy front.  Between 6 1/2- 8 1/2 wks left.  I am counting down!!  I am offically off of work now.  Not a good time for that since Xmas is just next month.  So, it will be a small Xmas.  But, thats ok.  I don't think we really "need" anything.  Alex wanted a bow and arrow, and I already picked that up.  And, what to get Gregg?  I have no idea.  LOL

Hardly hear from my IFs anymore.  Pretty sad.  I was getting text msgs almost everyday up until about a month ago.  They moved so hopefully its just getting stuff organized.  Don't know.

Hugs to all!!

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JJ said...

Maybe it's your pregnancy electrical signals throwing things off? LOL.

Sorry to hear that about your IFs, I hope they are just busy because that would be plain crappy of them otherwise. I'm not sure I'd be so forgiving!

You're really close now though, hard to believe it isn't it?!