Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life after delivery...

There is this time after delivery where there is lots of grey areas.  :)  You want to let the parents start their family.  They have generally waited for this moment for awhile.  They need time to figure out what they are doing, and just enjoy being parents.  Thats not to say, that it is super hard for me not to text them all day long, like we did prior to delivery.  :)  There are so many times during the day that I want to just text them some random thought or thing that I think they would find funny, and I have to stop myself.   I don't want to drive them crazy.  :)

Little Logan is doing well.  He is 2 weeks old today.  His Daddy sends me pics almost every day.  I love it!!  
Things are going well here.  I am released to start working out again today.  Dr said 2 weeks, and today it is.  :)  Hopefully I don't pass out on the bicycle.  LOL  Hormones come and go like waves.  I get very clingy with my husband.  He comforts me just being there, so I tend to want to spend all my time with him or Alex.  But, Alex is getting older now, so she will hug me, but she doesn't want to spend a whole lot of time cuddling.  LOL

Hope everyone is doing well.

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