Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year..same path?

Well my New Years hasn't started off the way I wanted it. I took off for Mexico on Friday morning, and got back yesterday afternoon. Had a great trip. Started bleeding pretty heavily on Friday. Told my husband, "If I tell you that I need to go NOW, we need to leave." Didn't want to have any complications in Mexico.
It seemed to ease up so I wasn't too worried. Just kept it under observation.

I have my Drs appt today finally. My OB will do a US and determine if I am having a D&C or not. I have no idea if the baby has passed. If you ever have had a active MC, you know there really is a mess of stuff going on. The bleeding has come in waves. I think its slowing down and then it comes right back. I am confused and have no idea of whats going to happen. I would almost just feel better if he just decides to do the D&C. So, we know.
I will be going to this appt by myself. My IM is still in Australia, and my IF is staying home. Which is fine. If I had someone going with me, I would want my IM. This is something I would prefer to have her with me. But, with her being so far away, its just not possible. Which makes me sad. It is hard to me not having someone to share this stuff with. My first 2 previous IMs were close enough that we could go have lunch, or just hang out whenever. My last IM was away, but she would come down for Drs appts. I just miss the closeness. Having International IPs is not for the faint of heart.

We got home from Mexico last night, and I was like, "no way am I cooking dinner tonight." So, I went and got Alex a pizza. Got home to drop it off and pick up Gregg so we could go eat. Realized that I couldn't find my wallet. Call the pizza place, yep they have my wallet. Go back down there , and the guy tells me that some woman tried to walk out with my wallet. So, he got it back for me. I open my wallet and my $16 is gone. Everything else is there, but my cash is missing. Don't know if it was the lady or the kid working at the pizza place. I am grateful that I didn't have to cancel everything. And, that I was able to get my stuff back. But, it irked me that someone would steal my cash. I was in shock. My luck the last couple of weeks has just not been good. We did make it back from Mexico with no problems and we are all healthy. I just keep losing my perception of the good things. Focusing to much on the bad stuff.

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