Thursday, December 29, 2011

In hell.

I went and did blood work yesterday. They wanted to see if my hcg levels were going down. If they were dropping on their own, I would be able to just let the MC happen naturally. If not, I am looking at a D&C.
So, I called to get the info today. My levels actually went up to 1130. So, I have a appt on Tuesday to see whats going on. We will probably schedule the D&C at that time.

My IPs are having a hard time with this. Understandably so. But, my poor IF is hanging on to all the hope possible. I think my IM has come to terms.

On a more positive note. I heard from all 4 of my previous IMs today. Each one has sent a msg, or called just to give some support and tell me how sorry they are. I love those women.

I am leaving for Mexico when I get off work Friday morning. It will be a much needed break. The weather is suppose to be about 77 there. I can't wait.

Love to all.

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