Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Done? NEVER!! Haha!

No clomid for me today! Woot!! Yesterday was my last pill. Thank god!! Meditation is in overdrive right now. Haha.

My trigger meds showed up yesterday. One thing I have learned by reading, researching, obsessing, going OCD, whatever you want to call it, is this. While starting to freak out yesterday, I learned that clomid raises the estrogen in your body, which in turn , makes your body start up with the cervical mucus. That is my key tell-tale sign. For those that don't really know the female body (*cough* W. LOL), you have a few different types of cervical mucus that happen before you get your surge. Different types equal different things. Well, after seeing egg-white CM yesterday (the fertile kind right at surge time). I was all kinds of crazy trying to make sure I wasn't already gearing up for ovulation. My IF is not due here until Sunday. I can already see that call. "You need to be HERE tomorrow!" STAT! But, after looking up many things, there is a reason they tell you to chill for 3 days after your last pill.

So, thats where we are. Chilling. LOL Friday I will start with the OPKs. It is earlier than I would normally start, but Drs orders. I would love to see a surge either Tues or Wed. That would help me a ton with work. Haha.

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