Monday, March 19, 2012


After my last post, I thought I might clear up a few things.

As long as each person in a TS arrangement is having their needs met, then all is well. What I want to happen in my jouney is not what each TS wants. We each have our own desires. Just like IPs. What one IP finds acceptable might not be to another. Thats why matches fall through all the time. Its trying to find that other half that you are comfortable with. That you can make this work with. Surrogacy, TS or GS, is hard. There are many ups and downs for both sides. Like a relationship you have to have both sides working together. It can't be all give from one side. That won't work.

Damn good thing today was my last clomid pill. Haha. I might start getting lots of hate mail from my blogs. Haha. Just have to try not to bite anyones heads off. :)

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