Thursday, April 5, 2012

Feeling mushy

Today I am feeling funky. Haha I had my progesterone draw this morning. I will call on my way to work tomorrow afternoon. Expect either happy news, or I will throw my phone out the window on the way to work. :)
So, I have been trying to keep myself busy the last few days. It helps to keep my mind off the 2ww.

I am feeling cheesy today. I am super happy at all I have done in surrogacy. I love seeing these babies. And, how happy they are. I love talking to Mr. C on the phone. Especially when he says, "Hi Jess!". LOL Makes me smile. The 4 couples I have helped have children, I know I could call anytime day or night, and if I needed something, they would be there without a question. That makes me all warm and fuzzy. Then my new couple. I totally love them! I have no reservations about them at all. It just feels "right'. KWIM? Like we are going in the right direction. (as long as my body cooperates.) :) Just happy thoughts.

I am on many msg boards. A few surrogacy, a couple 2ww ones, and a couple for people trying to get pregnant. I was asked Why I was on one of them. (one of the infertility boards) I have processed the question. I didn't want to blow up and say, because its a free world and I can go anywhere. LOL No, I didn't want to do that. But, being a TS. And, being a TS doing a medicated cycle is kind of hard. There is no information on the surrogate boards. Those cater mostly to GS doing IVF. Most TS stuff you see is for home insems. So, being the OCD person I can be. When I am cycling I have many questions. I want all the information I can find on statistics about follicle size, blood levels, IUI, what meds, amount, etc..... And, I like to read these things from people going through them. Not some MD page. And, many times the only time you can get that and bond with people is to go to a infertility board. I am not there to spy on anyone or to get intel. LOL I have questions for other going through medicated IUIs. Plus, I have lots of info for people going into surrogacy. IPs or SMs.

Onward and Upward!!
Love to all!!

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