Friday, April 6, 2012

Progesterone? Yes, Please.

Making you all sweat huh? Haven't updated. Probably thought I threw my phone out the window. :)

I called and got my progesterone results today. They came back at 36.2. The nurse said, "congrats! Looks like you had a really good ovulation!" I was super excited at first. Yay!! Go me!! But, then started thinking about it. I know, I know. Always back to that thinking thing. Thats the Virgo in me.

When I was pregnant with Mr. C, my progesterone came back at 33. No progesterone supplement, just me. So, now being on progesterone, I am wondering how much of that is me and how much is the pill? See what I mean? Def a Debbie Downer situation. So, back to square one. I will remain happy though, that I def ovulated. We had the makings for a perfect storm. LOL Good eggs, good swimmers, what more can you ask for? Hopefully by Monday we shall see a nice double line. It looks as if my trigger will be gone by tomorrow. Today its at the hold it up to the light and squint phase. I can still see a mark there. You know it could be stronger if I didn't drink so much water. Even when I get up in the morning, TMI, its still super light colored. Like almost clear. Maybe I should chug a couple of beers before bed? Haha JK. No really. :)

So, that is where we stand. I think I gave my poor IF, W, a heart attack today. I texted him my pro #s. And, when he got a chance to get back to me, I was in bed. (fighting a cold) But, I think he thought we had a + pregnancy test. Nope, not yet. Hoping though.

Big hugs to everyone tonight.

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Sarah said...

Ummm. It's MONDAY and NO NEW postings! Trying not to stalk u too much.