Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So, I got my beta #s back from yesterday.......148!  Yay!  Thats a great #.  Millie, can you remember what our first # was with Christopher?  I tried looking back but can't find it.
My first # with the pregnancy I lost in Dec was 105.  So, hopefully this is a good sign.

148=I love forever.  :)

I didn't get a chance to talk much about mothers day.   We ended up not going to Karlies Bday party.  Alex has 2 rabbits.  They are pets, not just rabbits.  :)  Well, our female finally started going down hill.  She got sick 2 months ago, and I was going to have her put down.  Vet said she was doing ok, just to enjoy the time we had left with her.  Well, Saturday she wasn't doing well.  I made a appt that morning, and Gregg said just to wait and see what happens.  So, we made a family decision to wait.  Well, the she went down hill fast.  I stayed up all Saturday night with her.  Just holding her, petting her, and talking to her.  Telling her that it was ok to go, we would be ok.  It was such a hard night.  She started having seizures towards the end.  I freaked out and was crying pretty good.  About 4 am I got a text from my IF wishing me a happy mothers day.  It also had a wish for peace.  I read it and it made me realize I was wishing for the wrong thing.  So, I started wishing for Peace for Oreo.  That she cross over peacefully.  She finally passed at 5am.  Just a hour after getting the text msg.   We are animal lovers.  Many people are like, "Its just a rabbit."    She was part of our family.   So, that started the day off rough.

I had 2 wonderful msgs from Christopher and Karlie.  Both wishing me a Happy Mothers day in their sweet little voices.  Then I got a card from Percy (GS baby).  It made me laugh so hard.  She wrote "Thank you for giving birth to me.  I really appreciate it."  LOL  Best card ever.  The little realistic hippie that she is.  She will be 10 this year.  Wow!

I have another beta blood draw tomorrow.  Will update those #s on Thursday.  This is the big one.  To make sure that its doubling.  :)


Sarah said...

My heart goes out to you about Oreo, that is so very hard. We are facing similar with our dog, Rocky, we think he is about 13 but because he was a rescue we don't know for sure. I have had him even before I got pregnant with Joe, who is now 10 and Rock was an young adult when we got him. So we see him struggling... Thinking good thoughts for today, since it's Thursday!!!! Hugs, Sarah

Millie said...

I am just catching up on my reading so am a little late on this. I want to say it was 157 with Christopher. So right about the same. And since it is already Friday you have your second wonderful results back. Yippee! That's a perfect double! Congrats to all of you.

Sad about Oreo. :(