Saturday, May 19, 2012


Surrogacy/Pregnancy is going well so far.  My actual 2nd beta was 311, not 300.  Even better.  I saw Dr C yesterday.  I have my last dose of crinone tonight, and then I am just to stay on the prometrium.  I also have another beta on mon and wed.  No morning sickness yet.  Just tired, and my boobs hurt like there is no tomorrow.  Ouch!!  I know that is in thanks to the crinone and prometrium.  Dang. 

My rant for today.  When did it become acceptable for a man to help create a family, walk away and start another family.  Not to have anything to do with the first family?  Are these men wimps?  With overbearing wives?  I don't know.  I am now dealing with this from my father and grand father.  I have now cut ties with my grandfather and his family.  He has 3 other daughters, 4 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren, and 1 great-great.  No pictures up on his walls of any of this other side of his family.  But, he sure has pictures up of his current grandchildren.  My Aunt, with whom I helped during her delivery, had her daughters bday party this week.  No invite.  I am so done. 
I have not walked away from any of these children I helped create for surrogacy or egg donation.  Why is acceptable this way?

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