Friday, June 15, 2012

miracles and massages

Sorry to leave you hanging.  This stupid morning sickness makes me not want to do much of anything.

We had our appt on Wed afternoon.  Was feeling pretty good until we got to the Drs office.  Then started getting super nervous.  My IF was the opposite.  He was nervous early on, and then excited.  LOL  We got into the office.  I made my IF and my daughter (to keep him company) go behind the curtain so I could disrobe.  Because of course, since I had a entourage with me, the Drs office wanted to do my pap smear.  So, they only got the audio and not the visual.  LOL
Once the CNM was situated and had the "wand" in, we called W and Alex out.    W was amazed.  My CNM was so great!!  She was as excited as we all were.  She took her time to show W everything, and explain so much to him.  It was wonderful.  W took lots of pictures and lots of video.    After a big hug, I kicked him out so I could put clothes back on.  :)  He needed to go call C anyways.  He sent C the video and pictures.  I talked to C when we got out of the office.  He was also super excited and a bit speechless.  LOL  Its just amazing to think here we are.  You go into this knowing what you want to happen.  But, when it happens, its kind of a shock.  Like, OMG, this Really happened!!  LOL

W was flying out that night, so we spent the rest of the day trolling the mall, and then having dinner with my husband and BFF.  Was a good day.  I of course, came home and passed out by 845.  LOL

Had a massage yesterday.  OMG, I was drooling!!  I have decided to make a pedicure and a massage part of my monthly regime. 

Don't know when I will update again.  After the MS has left the building, I will be back to my normal posting.    Either that or I will add my IF , W, and have him start posting.  :)

Love to all!!


JJ said...

Great pictures and update, glad that all went well!

Hope you feel better soon, I'm just starting to come out of the morning sickness fog of the first trimester.


Anonymous said...

Thanks JJ... This was truly the BEST day of my live!!! WOW, there are no words to describe what I felt that day at the Drs office. I want to see more, cant' wait til' next month's appt. –w :-)