Monday, June 25, 2012

Times flies.....

Goodness I don't even know where to start.  Seems like quite awhile since I have posted. 

I have been super sick.  Some days I feel ok, and I rush around trying to get stuff done before the nausea hits again.  Then other days I feel so bad that I lay on the couch for most of the day just feeling crappy.  I am almost out of the 1st trimester and hoping this morning sickness in on the tail end.  My other pregnancies I am usually over the MS by the 2nd tri comes along.  Crossing my fingers!!!

This past Saturday was so busy.  My friend who died in Jan, his wife was moving this weekend.  She still has his wrecked motorcycle.  She can't get rid of it because of insurance and lawyers.  So, she needed help moving it.  Many of our friends said they couldn't handle seeing it.  I figured his wife and kids have looked at that bike for the last 6 months.  Everyone else can suck it up and deal.  I wasn't sqeamish about it.  I dismantled a bike a couple years ago that a guy in town commited suicide on. 

Anyways, I hate waiting around for people to decide what to do.  I am a supervisor at work.  I am use to barking orders.  LOL  So, I had arranged for a tow truck to come pick the bike up.  I figured I would over see getting it to the new house.  Got there and had a few guys who were fine with handling it.  So, they ended up putting it onto our trailer.  We spend the next few hours getting her moved and garbage picked up.  I had worked the night before, and had to work that night also.  I was super tired.  I slept here and there.  Whenever I could.  :)  But, I came home to a wonderful suprise.  My IFs had sent me chocolate covered strawberries.  YUMMY!!!  I took a picture but will have to post it later.  :)

Got home from work on Sunday morning.  Went potty and was spotting.  I freaked!!!  I tried to go lay down.  I figured it might just be one of those things and if I layed down it would go away.  Well, I layed there and couldn't sleep.  I was stressing.  I am not religious by any means, but I started praying.  This is the way my MC started in Dec.  6 months to the day.  On a Sunday also.  Of course, I didn't start thinking about this stuff until later.  So, I got up and told DH that I was headed to the hospital.  He was worried too.  Got there, put in the room next to the one I was in last time.  :(  Started thinking about dates and times, and was really freaking myself out.   The nurse came in and said they needed to take blood to run my #s.   He comes in with 4 vials.  I think my eyes bugged out.  I gave him a hard time.  LOL  He took my right arm, I told him the veins were deep in that arm.  So, he looks at my hand.  Ya!  OUCH!  He shoved a stick in my hand to get blood.  LOL  I now have a huge lump and my skin is turing all shades of nasty.   Looks like I had a IV the size of a straw. 

My poor IF, W, was home alone and having his own stress party.  My BFF showed up shortly after my blood removal party.  She was trying to calm both of us down.  The US tech came in and did the ultra sound.  Its the same tech I had in Dec.  Too much coincidence.  So, he went to the baby first thing.  And, there it sat, wiggling around, with its little heart pumping away.  He went there to give me peace of mind.  He did all the measurements, and baby was measuing 10wks 1 day.  Right on track.  Dr came back and said my hcg #s were 155k. 

Today no spotting.  Yay!!  Just seems like one of those things.  I have a call into my OB today.  I want a progesterone blood draw done.  The nurse said they were doing one yesterday but, ended up not doing it. 

I ended up ordering a home doppler this morning.  A little peace of mind for the next couple of months until I can feel this little tadpole moving around.


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