Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hawaii dreams

Well, I think this little guy really loves Hawaii.  Just like one of his Dads.  Getting ready to board the plane yesterday, and he started kicking like crazy.  He was also excited to get this trip on its way.  He has been moving a lot since getting here.  The plane ride was a bit rough.  My ankles swelled up pretty good on the plane.  Uhg.

Got here yesterday.  Went to get our car.  And, we don't have much luck with rental cars while on vacation.  LOL  We usually get a POS.  Or I blow it up while driving it.  LOL  Last time we went to Hawaii, we got a Suzuki Samari, that broke down in the middle of traffic.  It was def a Rent a Wreck.  LOL  Then last year on our trip to Mexico, all they had left at the rental place was a small truck with wooden sides.  LOL  Like the kind you see selling fruit on the corner.  So, when I got to the rental place, the guy showed me a pic of our rental car.  It was like a Chevy Aveo or something similar.  He asked if I wanted to upgrade to a Jeep or something else.  Well, Alex loves Jeeps.  And, this is for her Bday.  So, I suprised her by upgrading to a Jeep.  I got the only soft sided one they had.  Its a huge 4 door one.  We are going to take the top off today.  She was so excited when I told her that was our car.  :)

We finally got to the hotel and were exhausted.  Relaxed for a bit.  We had our Luau scheduled for last night.  Had about 30 minutes to kill so we decided to drive along the ocean for a bit.  Found a spot out of the way to stop.  The ocean side here is super rocky.  There is more rocky spots than beach areas.  But, we found this place right next to a church.  It was rocky but had a few tide pools.  So, Alex and I went exploring.  I saw a huge tidepool a bit out and decided to take a look.  Having to find a way to get there, I finally made it.  Alex and I were looking in there.  Lots of fish and lots of crabs.  I was so thrilled just to see the fish, when Alex goes "Mom, look!"  And, there in front of us is a HUGE sea turtle just sitting in the water.  He was so beautiful!!!!  It was just magical to see him.  That def just made this trip.  I went to take a picture of him and my camera goes, beep beep and dies.  Dead battery.  GAH!  LOL

We made our way to the Luau.  And, it was super cheesy.  LOL  We saw one in Oahu last time we went, and it was great!!  Seemed very authintic.  But, this one?  It was a super cheesy one.  Alex was bored most of the time.  Until the fire guy came out.  But, she could of probably done without a Luau.  Oh well. 

We are only 3 hours later than the time at home.  But, its getting to me.  I am usually up by 630-7 at home.  Guess what time I woke up here?  Yep 330 this morning.  Gregg and Alex are still sleeping and I am wide awake.  Its just 615 here now.    We have surf lessons scheduled for Alex today.  Then we will head out to snorkel.  Thats what I am waiting for.  I have been cleared by my Dr for dramamine.  LOL  Last time I tried to snorkel, I got super sick.  Motion sickness.  LOL  So, I didn't get to do it.  I am ready this time.  I want more turtles!!!  :)

Mahalo!!  )


Kev said...

Glad you guys are having a good vacation so far x

Anonymous said...

I soooooooo wanna be there!!! -me