Thursday, September 6, 2012

The good, the bad, and the burnt

We have had such a adventure.
Tuesday Alex had surf lessons.  She went out with the instructor right away.  About 10 minutes of talking about surfing and BAM! Shes out there.  I was a nervous wreck.  She got up on her very first try.  I was crying.  I told Gregg I would rather her race cars, then surf.  LOL  After surfing, we went and got our snorkel gear.  We went to 2 different spots to snorkel.  It was beautiful seeing the fish.  The 2nd spot we went to, it was getting late.  The sun was starting to set, so we were in a rush to get in the water.  Gregg forgot to take the key to our rental out of his pocket.  Well, we were getting ready to go.  "Wheres the key?"  Ya, you guessed.  Somewhere in the ocean.  $350 later, we had a new rental and the other was towed away.  :(  Expensive mistake.  But, oh well.  It happens. 

Yesterday we set out to see Mt. Kilauea.  The volcano that is still spewing lava.  We got about a hour into our 3 hour drive, and all 3 of us were getting car sick.  The roads were really winding so we went exploring.  We took a right and were trying to get back to the ocean.  We came across the lava flows from the volcano.  Everything was black.  It was crazy.  Then one huge spot were it went to the ocean, people had started to build houses on it.  So, its just this huge black rock with random houses built on it.  No trees, no grass.  I told Gregg, I wonder if these people get depressed with the rocks?
Finally made our way back to town, and decided to snorkel some more.  The sunset was beautiful!!

Today was our BIG day.  This was the day we were planning on swimming with the dolphins.  Wild dolphins.  We chartered a boat and guide to take us out.  I was so worried about getting sea sick.  I took some dramamine with breakfast.  We headed out of the harbor and I was doing good.  We got going fast out to our spot.  I felt great!  I was jazzed.  No Sea sickness.  Finally we found the dolphins.  Got out of the boat and started snorkeling with the dolphins.  They were right next to me, under me, all around.  It was so amazing!!!!   We all got back in the boat to get ahead of the dolphins again.  Got back out, and the swam around us again.  But, right behind them came the most beautiful Manta Ray.  Right underneath me!!  It was so cool!!  About this time, I was starting to feel it though.  Not good.  Got back on the boat.  Sat for a bit, then started christening the side of the boat.  Yep, I started throwing up all off the side of the boat.  There was a total of 7 of us on the boat, and I was the only one hanging off the side.  Alex did great!!  She snorkeled a ton.  Was with the dolphins a lot and followed Big Bertha, the biggest manta ray I have ever seen!!  She did awesome!  Gregg and I didn't fare so well.  His tummy was upset before we even got on the boat, so he did all he could to just sit there and hold it together.  LOL  I told Alex she was adopted.  She is a fish and Gregg and I are wusses.  LOL

We leave to come home tomorrow.  I am ready.  I love it here, but I love home too!!
Love to all!!

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