Wednesday, September 19, 2012

crazy days

Things have been pretty busy here.  Got back from our trip.  And, boy what a wonderful vacation it was.  Jam packed, but a great time.    Had a Drs appt this past Friday.  One of my IFs, W, made it out for the appt.  Dr did a quick US.  Baby boy is right on target.  Has kind of a big head.  Hmpf.  That is NOT from me.  LOL  And, looks like he will be tall.  Again, NOT from me.  LOL  
Had a great visit with W.  It seemed like we talked a lot.  Not that we normally don't talk, but our conversations this time had more depth.  It was nice.    Hoping I get both of them on this next appt.  But, totally understand if it doesn't happen. 

Been working a lot.  My afternoon guy is now on vacation for the next 3 weeks.  So, I am working afternoons.   Plus, I have my sewing class on monday nights, Alex has flute lessons on monday afternoons, and then she has soccer Tues, thurs, and games on saturday.  Ya.  Time?  Not much.  LOL 

Feeling this little guy move so much now.    Enjoying the time I have with him right now.  Pretty soon he will be with his dads, so I am soaking it in now.  :)  It was funny.  Last night on my way home from work, I had the music cranked up in the car.  Was singing and dance driving.  LOL  And, little man was dancing right along with me.  Was kicking up a storm.  I was totally laughing.  Will make a nice memory.  :)

Started yoga today.  Oh yes!!!  I usually meditate daily.  With this pregnancy, I haven't been able to.  I can get my body all relaxed and quiet.  But, my heart is pumping so much blood through it, that I can feel it beating.  And, it totally throws my concentration off.  So, meditating has really been lost and I need it.  I came out of my yoga class with a sense of peace today.  It helped quiet down my mind and body, and feel like I had meditated.  Will def keep going. 

Hope everyone is doing well!!


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JJ said...

Glad you had a good appointment and are going on so well with the pregnancy - time is flying for us both!