Saturday, November 3, 2012

Closed donations

I am not a fan of closed donations, egg or sperm.  I know many people want to go about their lives with their children with no thought of DNA.  But, many times problems arise.  Genetic issues.

I recently found out that the little boy from my very first ED has muscular dystrophy. (My EDs are completely open.)  When I did my ED I was tested for everything under the sun.  I had so many genetic test to rule out so many things that I may carry.  I came back with a clean bill of health.  BUT, what if there was something hereditary that I had that wasn't tested for?  I have since brought in 2, with 1 more on the way, children with my DNA. 

The older brother of this little boy also has MD.  Its a genetic issue on their fathers side.  But, how scary to think of the many donations that are done anony, where something of this magnitude could go on without the donor even knowing they are the cause.  Scary and sad.


Babydreams2011 said...

You are SO right.. All of my donations were or are known.. I don't really talk to two of the recipients anymore, but one of them knows how to contact me if the need arose.. The other it was her choice to sweep the donation under the rug like it never happened, so she is taking that chance willingly. At the ripe old age of 39 I am done donating now (my last was last year!) and aside from my allergy issues to foods being passed on to one, so far so good, but they kids are: 8,8,10mos,4mos so who knows what the future holds.. You make an interesting point also, because I don't think the Dads were tested for nearly as much stuff as I was!

Sarah said...

That is scary Jess. I have been catching up on your posts finally from being sick. I take liquid vitamins also, I can not digest the pills either. If your up to it, lets do lunch now that I am finally human. Hugs! Sarah