Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rough night

Whew!  What a rough night last night was.  My tummy was hurting yesterday.  A small bit of contractions here and there.  Not to bad.  Needed to go to the store.  I really actually wanted to get some surgar free cinnamon bears.  :)  And, there is only 1 store in town that I know has them.  And, of course its clear across town.  So, I ran to the store.  Couldn't get my cinnamon bears.  The carbs on those is outrageous.  Even though they are sugar free.  Booooo!!

Made a quick stop by Walmart to get some stocking stuffers.  Got home and my stomache was hurting pretty good.   Would tighten up for a bit and then relax.  OUCH.  I tried laying down to no avail.  Was super cold even in bed, so I decided a nice warm bath would be good.  I was hoping the warm water would help the contractions.  Because by this point they were not letting up.  Got out of the bath and Gregg asked if I was ok.  By this time the tears were starting to come.   He was ready to go.  Was telling me he would take me to the hospital.  I told him just to give me some time to lay back down.  Layed down, drank some water, and started to feel a bit better.  I ended up falling asleep.  Slept on and off all night but at least the ctx eased up. 

Woke up with a headache.  My stomache is sore.  I feel like I did 100 situps yesterday.  :(   I was starting to stress about the phone calls I was going to have to make last night.  We are only 35 wks today.  He has to wait a couple more weeks before he can make a entrance. 

I was really confused last night.  LOL  I have never gone into labor without my water breaking on its own.  Then its like, OK here we go.  So, I was like what the heck is this?  LOL

So, little boy!  You have to sit still for at least 3 more weeks.  Then you can cause havoc with your Dads.  :)

Almost forgot.  Had a Drs appt Friday.  He is measuring between 2 and 3 weeks ahead.  WHAT?!!  My OB kept remeasuring his head and it kept getting bigger.  LOL  I told him he was killing me.  It was suppose to be getting smaller not bigger.  My IF C, was there.  I was complaining about this kids head being so big, he said it was for his big brain.  LOL  So, by his head and tummy measurements he was showing 38 wks, but his legs, he is right on target.  LOL  Think of a pumpkin.  Haha.  :)

Blood pressure good, weight good.  I think I have gained 5 lbs this entire pregnancy.  Was up more, but with the diet stuff, it has dropped.  Plus, being over weight to start with , well, you know.  LOL
Here is a better belly pic from last weekend also.

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JJ said...

These little men are really keeping us on our toes!

Glad he has settled down, hopefully no more drama until the big day!