Friday, January 18, 2013

And the tears came..

Damn hormones.  The pregnancy drop in hormones afterwards is always hard.  I forget about it until I am in the middle of it again.
Today has been a teary day.  I knew the guys were leaving with Logan.  I probably won't see him in person for a very long time.  Then the lead up to delivery is very time consuming.  Tons of communication.  Then its all done.  So fast, so done.  It like trekking up a hill and jumping off a cliff.  So climatic and then nothing.  So, ya, its been a rough day.  I think during the actual lunch with my IFs I only cried twice.  :)

They gave Alex a necklace and me some earrings.  They are the from the Hearts Open collection.  Ya, that was one of my teary episodes.  Then the actual good bye.  But, I love that little boy.  I want a good life for him, and he will have it.  His Dads love him more than anything.  Even when he is fussy during the night.  LOL

Love to all!!  Will try and get my birth story wrote up tomorrow. 


Roz said...

Ah, what a lovely way for you all to say goodbye. You have done so well and achieved an amzing thing. I really hope that by day 5 (that's the 'magic number', right!?) the hormones are settled and you can sit back and admire your journey just I am doing right now. I am dreading these hormones btw- eek!

JJ said...

Aww, big hugs. I feel you, this part is not nice at all and even with your experience of it, I know it's tough stuff.

Big hugs to you.