Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birth of Logan

Lets see how much of this I can recall.  Was such a whirlwind.

Tuesday the 15th is where we will start.  My IF, W, had been here a week and a half waiting on the little guy to be born.  As everyone knows, you have no idea , unless you are having a scheduled csec, or being induced.   He was going stir crazy waiting.

Well, Tuesday nights are Alexs soccer practice.  So, I usually walk the track while she is at practice.  I try and walk at least a mile.  Sometimes a mile and a quarter.  Well, Tuesday was time to get serious.  This baby was in no desire to come out.  Well, we walked 2 miles.   Some of the ladies that were at practice were asking how I was doing it.  LOL  So, we walked and walked.  Got home that night a bit sore, but nothing I hadn't been feeling for awhile. 

Decided it was time for bed about 1130 pm.  Kissed my husband goodnight at crawled into bed.  No contractions, just sleepy.  Woked up at 1245am.  Feeling some discomfort.  Got up and moved around, used the bathroom.  Went and laid back down.  Felt a little trickle.  Now, before when my water broke, it was undeniable what the heck was happening.  Huge gush.  So, I was a bit confused.  Got back up, Gregg asked if my water broke.  Me..I don't know.  Him..Did you pee your pants?  Me... I don't know.  LOL  We were both laughing.  It was a small amount.  Well, by now the contractions were gettting a bit stronger.  Decided to let everyone know I was going to L&D.  Texted my IFs to tell them that it was time.  A few mins go by and Gregg is telling me to call him.  Because we decided that my IF would take me into the hospital.  Gregg doesn't do labor.  LOL  So, I call him and he is out.  Had taken some sleeping meds to help him get some rest.  So, it take a few for him to get that its finally time.  He asks me what I want him to do.  Come get me.  LOL  When?  10-15 min.   

Now, we have been talking about my labors most of this pregnancy.  My usual is that my water breaks, and I deliver about 6 hours later.  After my water breaks, I usually take a shower, get my stuff together and then head to the hospital.  No contractions until I generally get situated on the table.  So, I have been telling him, it would be pretty normal, easy, etc..  Well, this was completely different from any other labor I had gone through. 

Back at home here.  I had texted my doula (Erica).  To tell her that I was headed in.  She asked me how far apart my contractions were and how long they were lasting.  She lives a hour and a half away.  Back to my usual labors, I figure we had plenty of time.  I have never had to time contractions before.  I was still moving around my house and able to talk so I didn't think I was dialated much at all if anymore than I had been for weeks.  So, I am thinking, they have to have a app for that, right?  They have apps for everything, there must be one to time contractions.  LOL  Only in 2013.  Yep, there is a app to time contractions.  So, I download it and start using it to time my contractions.  The first contraction on my timer is at 1:09.  So, we are only 25 min past when I woke up.  They are 2 1/2 to 3 min apart.  Lasting about 30 sec.  I had also texted Sarah (Bigheart) and my friend Taina to let them know I was headed in.  Both have been with me on previous deliveries. 

We live down a long driveway in the country, off the road.  Gregg is running around the house, asking whatelse I need in my bag.  I had it packed probably about 80%.  Just needed a few more things that I used daily.  I think he was starting to panic.  Because he knows how my labors are.  Its not a big freak out thing.  Pretty mellow.  So, he says he will drive me to the street so W doesn't have to try and navigate the driveway.   Contractions still the same.  2 1/2 - 3 min.  Gregg is asking where W is.  I am texting W.  He is a few min away.  Gregg is telling me if he has to deliver the baby, he is going to be pissed.  Haha.  We are laughing about this in between contractions.  He is making comments he could of already had me there.  Ya, he was starting to panic.  :)

W shows up about that time.  Its about 1:25am.  Gregg puts my bag in the car, and gets me transferred over.  W takes off.  He about plows through the round about.  LOL  Me.. Uhm, thats a round about coming up.  LOL  We come across someone getting a DUI test on the side of the road.   We pull into the hospital at about 135 am.  He gets me out and parks the car.  The nice thing about going into labor in the middle of the night in the middle of the week, is there was lots of parking close by.  :)
I fill out the paperwork and W comes back in.  They ask if I want a wheel chair.  No, I could walk.  Right?  Its still going to be awhile, right?  LOL  By this time its 1:39.  This is the last time I have listed on my contraction app.  We walked into L&D.  They put us in a room and told me to get undressed, pee in this cup, etc.. 

So, I go into the bathroom to change and pee in the cup.  I can not get pee to go in this cup for anything.  LOL  I am moving the cup in all different angles trying to get it in there.  Its going everywhere but in.  I am laughing in the bathroom.  W is asking what is going on.  Me.. Can't get the pee in the cup.  LOL  So, I finally get enough to hopefully appease the nurse. 

** Leading up to the day of delivery.  I had been having a hard time figuring out who was going to be in the labor room with me.  W kept saying, he would do it.  I told him no.  He had no idea of what was going to happen.  He just needed to be able to experience the birth of his son.  Well, in that 30 min when it was just us, he did great.  He supported me during contractions, got my wash clothes for my head, etc..  He did good.  :)

Once I hit the table, it was go time.  I laid on the table, and the first contraction on the table hit.  Whew!  I told the nurse I needed to push.  She was like, ya right.  I hadn't been checked yet, nothing.  So, she tells me, lets check you and see what you are at.  She checks me and says, "yep, I guess you are.  You are a 9-10 and ready to push."  Us, WHAT??  Haha.  I think both W and I had our jaws hit the ground.  I texted everyone.  This was probably about 1:55 am. 

By this time the contractions were getting out of control.  The nurses are telling me I can't push, my Dr is on the way.  There was no incline, it was all or nothing.  I hear the speaker in the room come on, my labor coach is here, do I want her in.  I am yelling yes, bring her in.  Sarah walks in, and gives me a hug.  I am pushing her away, "don't touch me."  LOL  Poor Sarah.   

I learned last delivery when you are ready to push but the Dr isn't there, I can do these little pushes, not hard ones, but enough to let some of the pressure off your body from trying to hold everything back.   So, while feeling like the world was going to explode, I hear the speaker go off again.  My other labor coach is there.  Taina.  Me yelling again, yes, bring her in.  By this time, I can hear the nurses yelling, they have nothing.  They need my paperwork.  It was utter chaos.  :)

I can the nurses yelling at my Dr.  She is ready to push.  Trying to get him to hurry up in the hall way.  They didn't even have time to get the table broke down.  I finally hear that I can push.  Sarah asks me if I need her to count.  Yes!  I need some kind of structure here.  I pushed a couple times I think and they are yelling at me to stop pushing.  There is merconium and they are trying to suction him out.  OMG trying not to push is just hard stuff.  Its like trying to push a train back down the tracks.  :)

I finally get the ok to keep pushing.  I think with one more push he came all the way out.  OMG.  That is a feeling like no other in the world.  The relief that comes instantly is just amazing. 
I was worried about Logan.  With the merconium stuff.  (another first for me) I was hoping he was ok.  They put him on my belly and he was beautiful!!  W came over and it was great.  He got to cut Logans cord.  I was still in a bit of a haze.  LOL  He was born at 2:15am.  90 min after waking up.  Absolutely crazy to think about. 

He is a beautiful little boy.  Lots of blond hair.  He weighed 8lbs 7 oz.  19 in long.  Def my heaviest and fastest. 

The hospital I deliver at doesn't have extra rooms for IPs to have their own room.  So, it has been that my IPs room with me.  Which I don't mind.  My other IF , C, showed up about 130pm Wed afternoon.  Talk about love.  To see both men with this little baby and see the love they have for him was so sweet.  Logan already has them wrapped around his finger.  :)

The guys left Logan with me anytime they went to eat or whatever.  I loved it.  I got to cuddle with him and talk to him.  Look at him without anyone feeling awkward.  LOL  It was nice. 

Talk about a whirlwind experience.  This pregnancy seemed like it was forever long.  And, now that it is over , it seems like it went so fast.  :)



JJ said...

What a fabulous birth story! If you're going to do them quick, do them like this I say - no time to think really.

Well done again, hun.


greatdana said...

Congratulations! Nice work on getting it done! That's the way to go I'm sure. You're such a champ!