Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Waiting...waiting.....always waiting......! !!!!!

Well, we are in the 2ww.  I have been pretty quiet about this try.  Last cycle I joined a cycling group, was super vocal, etc..  This cycle, I have been mum.  We are currently 6 days post trigger.  The trigger is generally in your system until 10dp.  I haven't been testing it out of my system.  I ordered a bunch of cheapie HPTs on line.  They are coming from China and haven't showed up yet.  So, I will wait until they make a appearance.

We are doing Crinone again this cycle.  I just did reg prometrium last month.  Thats when we had the chemical.  So, this month I pulled out the big guns.  We are doing the same protocol , as when we got preg with Logan.  So, I am crossing my fingers.  When I went to get the Crinone, my insurance didn't cover any of it.  Last time I got it, it was about $100 for 10 doses.  This time they wanted $500 for 15.  WHAT????  So, I refused to pick it up, came home and started researching.  I found a bunch I could buy from Canada for much cheaper.  Much cheaper!  But, I was due to start it the next day.  Texted my IFs and told them what was up.  C said, just get it, they would cover it.  Well, I looked around for discounts.  I was shipped a prescription discount card awhile ago.  Well, armed with that and a few others I found online, I went back to see what I could get it down to.  I ended up getting the price down to $359.  So, still super expensive, but better than $500.  Lets hope it does its job.  :)

We have been super busy here.  Went to France a couple weeks ago.  We were there for a week.  Had a wonderful time.  Seeing the Eiffel tower in person was one of the most breath taking things I have seen.
I also have changed locations at work.  So, I have been working a lot.

Exciting news!  Yesterday was one of my little guys bday.  CJ turned 5.  I haven't had a chance to talk to him for his bday as I have been swamped with work.  But, I did talk to him at Xmas.  Such a sweet boy, that little one is.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014!!!

Will be back in a week with good or bad news.
Love to all!!!

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