Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Its that time again.  I have been testing with OPKs since Saturday.  I went in this past monday (27th) for a follicle/lining check.  I was worried that maybe my issue was lining.  And, with this being the 3rd month of clomid, I wouldn't have barely any lining.  Well, CD14 and my lining was 9.9.  I had a couple of follicles.  My leading follicle was a 19.  So, everything is right on track.  This was todays OPK.

I had planned on triggering today even if the OPK wasn't very dark.  But, that test is def +.  So, yay!  
With that I pulled all my stuff for my trigger.
 We have IUIs scheduled for tomorrow and friday.  I am hoping since this is happening so late in my cycle this time, that maybe it will help for the egg to be a bit more mature than the past months.   Doing the crinone again this time.  

Hopefully this isn't a roller coaster like the last 2 months.  No more rollercoasters.  

love to all!!

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