Friday, February 7, 2014

Did I ever tell you how impatient I am?

Getting closer to test date!  Today is 9 days post trigger.  It should be all gone by tomorrow.  Then  hopefully some +++++ testing.  I should clarify, some long lasting +++++ testing! 

I am a reading machine right now.  LOL  It helps me pass the time.  Puts my mind in another world.  LOL  Which is good.  I have so many books, I could start my own local library branch.  LOL  And, I still have more in the garage.  LOL  Ya, my husband doesn't think its very funny.  :)

So, help keep my mind off of testing.  What are your plans this weekend?  We are suppose to get a couple inches of rain here.  Which is good.  We are in a serious drought here.  We need all we can get. 

Hope everyone is doing good!!
Love to all!

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JJ said...

Good luck, I keep checking back for updates so am pleased to hear it's almost that time!

I'm currently begining baby eviction here, birthing ball, hot food, lots of housework and walking for me this weekend!