Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, yesterday started off pretty crappy.  I had my own pity party, and had a good cry.  It seems like there is always that little bit of hope in the back of my mind.  And, starting my period just reconfirmed that we have to do this all over again. 
I ended up having a great day yesterday.  Alex and I went on a 2 hour bike ride.  Came home sun burnt.  :)  Then had a softball game.  We killed the other team.  They ended up calling the game early because there was no way they were going to come back.  15-0!  Came home to find Gregg fixed my motorcycle.  So, I took it for a spin.  Ahhhhhh.  It turned into a great day. 

Tomorrow I go see Dr. C.  Kind of scared to see what he is going to bump the progesterone up to. 

Here we go......

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